Monday, 16 September 2013

Why my life is so 'Devil Wears Prada' right now?

Oh and you are so clever if you can read mirrored text, because only x amount of out xx amount of people can do so, don't quote me.

The fashion industry is constantly changing, not just in the predominant aspects of trends, styles and innovation- but the actual individuals who are considered to have a place on the Fashion Hierarchy have also changed. We have all read the tales of some of Fashion’s most respected Creatives sharing their stories of when they moved to New York penniless in the 70s, 80s and 90s, starting out as assistants and interns before garnering their own well deserved respect from their peers and above in the industry, and sorry to quote Drake – but encapsulating the motto of ‘Started from the bottom now were here’.
 However the 2000s brought about an introduction to the uprising of ‘Blog Culture’, which has often been criticised as a quick way to get a foot in the industry without actually doing all the leg work, however for some reason I get the feeling that the likes of Susie Lau and Scott Schuman may have different perspectives on that statement. The main thing about blogs is that they have made Fashion in its entirety, more assessable to a mass of diverse people, some with an interest of pursuing it as a career and others who like to look at pretty clothes, if we were to put it in its simplest form- but in a sense this has sacrificed the exclusivity of the industry, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Times are changing, what is relevant and not is changing, our societal values are changing and as a result the industry has to change along with it.

 As opposed to just Fashion’s Elite being invited to shows, nowadays there is a whole array of Bloggers, Industry Professionals, ‘It- Personalities’, Celebrities and Socialites that make re-occurring appearances at fashion week every season. Here is where ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ moment comes in, unless you are a Big time Editor (cough cough, Anna Wintour) or respected Journalist (cough cough, Colin McDowell), there is usually and quite sadly sometimes an expiration date on your relevance, most especially in relation to modern pop culture, there will always be new Socialites brimming on the horizon, new ‘It Girls’ of the moment, Budding Models, Aspiring Acts and New age Bloggers (think Tumblr Fame), so with that in tow every season there will always be a revised list of important people to know.

Words By
Sandra Falase

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