Friday, 20 September 2013

The First Internship : The V&A Museum

In my first year of college, my Art teacher handed me over an application form; it was to join a programme called the YGMG. At first I had no idea what it was all about but still filled out the application form and sent it off. I received a phone call from a gentleman named Matthew Gansallo, he invited me for an interview at the British Museum. All sounding a bit random? Well, I remember sitting in a huge cafeteria in the Museum waiting to meet MR Gansallo. I shook his hand with my left hand to which he replied "I prefer to shake with the right hand" how embarrassing? I thought then on, I failed this interview I might as well just go home. He asked me questions like "What is a curator?" "What role does a guard have in the museum?" I answered all of the questions wrong, 0/10. 
TIP: Always research the area you are going into. You must know about the company and the people working in it! 
Matthew Gansallo is a knowledgable man who taught me life changing, valuable lessons through seminars and one-to-one discussions. I was glad to have entered the working world with his support. He accepted me and other students who didn't know answers to the questions because he wanted us to learn things we had no clue about.  
During Halloween 2010, I received that phone call again and I was chosen to intern for the Victoria & Albert Museum as a Visitors Services Intern. Sounds boring?
TIP: Never judge a book by its cover. Heard that before? 
I had so much fun while I was learning. I was given the chance to promote events such as Late Night Fridays, the Grace Kelly Exhibition, I learnt how to sell tickets and manage an over-crowded Exhibition. I was given the opportunity to work at the front desk, welcome visitors, advice them and show them their way around the museum. I worked with an incredible team who helped me with anything I needed, who taught me well and who were definitely patient with me.
I was also given front row tickets to the amazing Stephane Rolland and the exquisite Kenzo catwalk show where I met fashion designer Erdem. Erdem told me that "no matter what, always enjoy your student life, as it was the best time of MY life" and hearing that was priceless.
Going into this internship at the V&A Museum, I was unsure about what internships were. Am I an employee? Do I get paid? What tasks come within my role? Just always remember to have fun and complete every task to your best ability. Ask questions, write down the answers, make connections and leave with a smile on your face. That's what I did. 
Special thanks goes out to Matthew Gansallo, Pat McCann, Gaston Garcia, Veronika Harris and the whole team at the V&A Museum.

Words By
Hus Guler

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  1. I am so in love with your blog, its so rich and full of depth. x