Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Modern Minimalist Living: Interiors

The Mentioned Brands:

Trends, Fads and such are all catalysts that aid us in the re-appropriation of our style, however more often than not the concept of style can be limited to only sartorial efforts when in fact it can act as the premise to redefine all that is around us and the world we surround ourselves in.

It is no secret that I am an advocator for all things minimal, most especially if they have a particular inclination towards the colours black and white, so it only seems just that these preferences should reflect upon my interior choices.

The Scandinavian (And European) furniture design market has expanded drastically over the past few years, with many different companies both established and emerging combining elements of modernity and functionality – I think its pretty obvious how these concepts would appeal to the masses, most especially in our recovering economical climate; So yes believe it or not you are not just limited to the offerings of Ikea alone. 

Hailing from Poland with Architectural and Space +Design disciplinaries, the creative duo behind Chmara.Ronsinke conceptual Design is by far one of my favourite companies within the market. One of their most critically acclaimed projects that propelled them into the furniture design limelight was the piece – Mobile Kitchen. The functional means and convenience behind this concept can’t be stressed enough, gone are the days of picnic baskets and blankets, with this concept you can carry a makeshift kitchen to the park with you and dine amongst friends, This idea formed as the backdrop for the Cos pop up shop collaboration. The functions and aesthetical approaches were tweaked in order to meet the needs of the fashion Brand.

With a workshop based in British Columbia, Matthew Cleland is the founder of Score + Solder, a brand that works solely with Glass, incorporating this aspect to create both plant and lighting housing systems. Working in solitude like a true artist all of the pieces are handmade and are available to ship globally.

Studio.Vit is probably the smallest out of all the companies mentioned however this doesn’t detract from the innovative lighting designs that the company produce, working primarily with marble and glass to create a series of suspended lights, the lights give off an almost industrial and unfinished feel, which of course is pretty much a minimalist mantra.

In 2011, visual artists Flen Muller and Hannes Van Severen decided to intersect their Sculptural and photography backgrounds in order to work on a ‘Furniture Design’ project, the result of the distinctive pairing resulted in forward thinking pieces that offered more than one unconventional use.

Words By 
Sandra Falase

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