Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Events: Scoop International Trade Show 2013

Last Monday I had the opportunity to go to Scoop International’s bi-annual boutique Trade show, with The Cool (Another blog I’m now a part of).  The event aims to showcase emerging talent or established women’s wear brands that are looking to break into a new market, e.g. internationally or aspirational consumers.
With the representation of over 400 brands the trade show was split between two contemporary locations, The Saatchi gallery and the Phillips gallery.
Some of the Brands that were given space include, See by Chloe, Matthew Williamson Jewellery, Kenzo, Vanessa Bruno and Vivienne Westwood.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and the contrast of the various collections against the backdrop of the artwork showcased in the space, complimented each other and encouraged the eye of the audience to treat the clothes as though they were delicate pieces of art – Being a purveyor of Minimalism, the clinically white walls, vast space and simplistic rails instantly sent a tingling sensation of glee to permeate my insides, I was already won over.

Greeted with a glass of joyous fizz and a complimentary Scoop bag, we started on the bottom floor which housed the likes of more established brands such as See by Chloe as we made our way through the gallery what I found particularly interesting was the Curation of the space, I noticed that the designer stands were often broken up by a Café Area, Art Work or Kiosks.

Although It was very exciting to see the collections of established brands, I was particularly glad that I was able to find out about new designers – the brands that stood out for me were; Cashmere in Love, Selected Femme, Denham, Daniela Barros and Carla Pontes, over the next few weeks I will be creating a ones to watch post on each of the designers mentioned.

Overall the event was fantastic and I look forward to the next one.

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