Thursday, 4 July 2013

All Things Dark

Blazer: JustFemale// Top: Zara// Skirt: Weekday - Cheap Monday// Shoes: Vagabonds

Living in England we are still at the mercy of mother nature, so when we are graced with a semi- sunny day, a characteristic most accustom with a British Summer- oh boy do the legs come out, but with caution though.

I have never been one to adopt the bright colours and whimsical patterns, that invade pretty much every piece of apparel that shops somehow yet seamlessly seem to convince us that we need, however my love for all things dark and muted, surely does come at a price on a summers day – however hiking up the hem lines and exposed arms do seem to help; although one mustn’t get ahead of themselves and it is advisable to carry a cardigan or a light jacket, because like a typical episode of The real housewives of Beverly hills, things can escalate quickly, and by things  I mean the weather. 

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