Monday, 24 June 2013

Artist Watch: Top 5 UK Hip Hop Acts About To Blow

Producing lyrical geniuses such as Tupac, Eazy E, Foxy Brown and Dr Dre – The US have been the heavy weights of the Rap game for decades, often leaving our home grown talents such as Dizzee, Estelle, Ms Dynamite and Bashy to fall short as rookies in the US industry although back home they are considered as some of the arbiters of UK Hip Hop.

In order to celebrate some of the UK artists that are about to blow, we have compiled a top 5 acts list that you should know about.

1.  Last Night In Paris - Breath 
                                                                                                          The large group of Twenty-somethings hailing from South London pride themselves of not only being a music group but an Art Collective, with a core group of Producers, Rappers and Singers; Often called the UK’s answer to Odd future with their trap hop and Slow Mo beats the group have described themselves as not being as extreme as odd future, and are more like The Weeknd in regards to music similarity.

2.     Rejjie Snow - Lost in Empathy

Ok so maybe we have cheated a little bit here, but see the thing is Rejjie is Irish – but it would almost be a sin to not include him on this list.  At twenty years old his lyrics and rhymes are mature incorporating themes of conceptualism within his tracks, just have a listen.

3.     Lady Leshurr - LYeah

The UK rap game is missing something and she is definitely the anecdote, having been featured on SBTV’s freestyle segment, the small but feisty Mc hailing form Birmingham has a fierce lyrical display topped off with a punchy stage presence, having performed last year at Glastonbury’s introduction stage we predict she is going to take the industry by storm.

4.     Hawk House – 3000 Miles of Youth

The group made up of three core members were originally called A yellow Man before their recent name change.  This nostalgic group are redefining the characteristics of UK Hip Hop harking back to jazzy roots and a chilled feel good beats – bringing back memories of early Estelle circa 1980’s song. Their songs are very melodious and leave a lingering feeling for more.

5.      RoxXxan - Power

Again hailing from Birmingham, this Mc with a ridiculous flow has been on the underground Grime scene since 2010, since signing with Polydor she has then gone on to adopt a more mainstream sound, however with her quick tongue and deliveries we reckon she is someone to keep an eye out for.

By Sandra xx

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  1. Great post! I love your blog, now following! Oh and I'd never heard of Rejjie Snow before it's great to hear that kind of sound coming from the UK. We're getting there!