Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fashion: Expensive Style For Under £100

PhotoCredit: Aesthetic|Bubble
Blazer: £1- Charity Shop/ Shirt: £20 - Zara/ Trousers: £13 - H&M/ Shoes: £35- Zara/ Necklace: £20 - Asos

PhotoCredit: fabsugar.com
Left to Right: Peter Som, Cynthia Rowley, Prabal Gurung

Sometimes it is so hard to stay on trend with a restricted budget, especially if you are a student; I raise my hand to substituting my weekly food shop for a couple of Fashion Magazines - I guess in the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw, they fed me more.

But when the flipping of those semi waxed pages, giving off the scent of crisp pressed paper with a musky undertone of ink, allowing you into the inexplicable world of beautiful clothes - with the exception of having an outsiders view, you come to realise that running your fingers along those double paged spreads adorned with the names of Chanel, Dior and Wang doesn’t bring you any closer to attaining those creations, even though you can almost imagine the feel of the fluid silk of a Valentino couture creation slipping through your fingers…

Well not all is at all is at a loss, thank goodness for Gods gift to the commoners of a sartorial nature, otherwise known as the High Street. Damn I wear that badge with such a dignified pride. In light of this, the first part of the series Expensive style for under a £100, documents a full outfit inspired by some of the major trends for the summer, the first is self-explanatory, Prints.
Oh the wonderfully whimsical world of prints, where you could walk around the streets of the bustling city, looking like a routinely trimmed garden hedge at the Hamptons or a Navajo hippy queen? You can do no wrong in my opinion.

Taking inspiration from the catwalk looks of Peter Som, Cynthia Rowley and Prabal Gurung, I have put together a look that was less that £100, with a price coming in at …£89 ding ding ding!  Saving me the excess of a thousand odd pounds, meaning I have the funds to put towards more important things such as Magazines, Peanut Butter and the terrible thing set out to ruin your life, commonly known as Bills.

For more Intensely rich print inspiration, have a look at Solange’s video for her single Losing you, set in Congo, Africa. Apart from how insanely catchy the song is,  how awesome are the La Sape  (African Dandy) Troupe she features in her video? They are original African arbiters of brightly coloured garms and printed tailored suits. What better place is there to draw inspiration?  Enjoy.

By Sandra Falase

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