Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fashion: Transitioning Style

Jacket: Primark/ Jumper: Urban Outfitters/ Jeans: Topshop/ Shoes Zara

 Although the weather has been sporadic these days, with a temperament adhering more to that of a 'Hormonal Teenager' with a vendetta against everything and anyone, inanimate objects included; its hard to think that we are supposedly entering the season of spring. 

However I like to call this the awkward stage. when it will soon become too warm for scarves and hats yet not  quite a bare all, side boobs included climate.

I'm not going to give you a 'how to wear it' tutorial, because quite frankly I'm pretty sure you are all capable of dressing yourselves, however I will say one thing, how awesome are light knits for this season, honestly they give you just the right amount of warmth as opposed to a chunky knit that will have you sweltering from places you didn't even know you could perspire from! Anyway slightly off tangent, above is a 'Transitional' outfit  I put together for when the weather actually does decide to transition.

 Get it together Mother Nature its March already.


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