Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fashion: LFW Experience

I stumble along the dark pathway and wonder how long I've been away, will they remember me on the other side, is there still an other side.Do I even exist? A faint glimmer catches my eye as it embraces a rock, weaving itself around every crevice. I pick up the pace, neither walking nor running just somewhere within a balance. I begin to pant. The golden hue stretches along the wall. I'm running, I grit my teeth; its close. My eyes widen and my throat thickens, I come to a halt and allow the the light to wash over me as I break free from the shackles of no social life, I'm free, and no longer will I be a social recluse.

I'm back, and I've been busy.

I'm currently an intern for an amazingly established PR agency that I'm not going say for a variety of reasons, however I've been there for two months now and one of the many perks of the job was working at fashion week and getting to watch some of the shows.
 I was fortunate enough to work with and watch the shows of clients such as Thomas Tait, Matthew Williamson, Giles and many more.

My favourite show was definitely Thomas Tait; with the use of a spectacularly random location of a Car-park and an equally as spectacular collection to match he was the underdog of FW for me. Even though I was given the opportunity to work at the shows of more established Designers, the Tait  show was by far the highlight of my fashion week.



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