Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fashion: Raf Simons debut at Dior: PFW Autumn Winter 12/13

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As I clicked the play button and took a sip of Nature’s Tonic that is chai tea, I couldn’t help but let out a squeal of excitement as my anticipation built up to a climatic halt as the video finished buffering, then it all begun.

The first model glided up the weaving staircase with such grace and poise that was nonetheless reciprocated in the structured peplum style jacket and tapered trousers that began the show. As the display went on the pieces became more intricately detailed, whether adorned with embellishment or embossed with patterns that gave a slight audacious motif to what would have been a minimalistic look, there was definitely a vast variety showcased within the collection.
Some of the pieces were reminiscent of the brand’s new look of the 50’s, which was Christian Dior’s Final decade of reign over the company before his death; However Simons’ didn’t fail to add his stamp to the collection, prevalent in the mid length hem lines, tastefully plunged necklines and minimalistic silhouettes whilst still upholding a modern femininity.

 The presentation room was fantastically decked out with rich toned flowers, encouraging us to still embrace the residue of summer as the leaves turn to crisp, and lastly the intimate setting was perfect for Simons’ debut, almost as though it were a cotillion and the garments were being presented into the world of high society. Needless to say I’ve all always been a disciple of Simons’ work right from his Jil Sander days and I honestly think he has restored the effortless chic and modern awareness back into Dior, which had been long overdue; on that note I shall conclude that, Raf Simons is a Demi God.

Sandra Falase

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