Friday, 20 September 2013

The First Internship : The V&A Museum

In my first year of college, my Art teacher handed me over an application form; it was to join a programme called the YGMG. At first I had no idea what it was all about but still filled out the application form and sent it off. I received a phone call from a gentleman named Matthew Gansallo, he invited me for an interview at the British Museum. All sounding a bit random? Well, I remember sitting in a huge cafeteria in the Museum waiting to meet MR Gansallo. I shook his hand with my left hand to which he replied "I prefer to shake with the right hand" how embarrassing? I thought then on, I failed this interview I might as well just go home. He asked me questions like "What is a curator?" "What role does a guard have in the museum?" I answered all of the questions wrong, 0/10. 
TIP: Always research the area you are going into. You must know about the company and the people working in it! 
Matthew Gansallo is a knowledgable man who taught me life changing, valuable lessons through seminars and one-to-one discussions. I was glad to have entered the working world with his support. He accepted me and other students who didn't know answers to the questions because he wanted us to learn things we had no clue about.  
During Halloween 2010, I received that phone call again and I was chosen to intern for the Victoria & Albert Museum as a Visitors Services Intern. Sounds boring?
TIP: Never judge a book by its cover. Heard that before? 
I had so much fun while I was learning. I was given the chance to promote events such as Late Night Fridays, the Grace Kelly Exhibition, I learnt how to sell tickets and manage an over-crowded Exhibition. I was given the opportunity to work at the front desk, welcome visitors, advice them and show them their way around the museum. I worked with an incredible team who helped me with anything I needed, who taught me well and who were definitely patient with me.
I was also given front row tickets to the amazing Stephane Rolland and the exquisite Kenzo catwalk show where I met fashion designer Erdem. Erdem told me that "no matter what, always enjoy your student life, as it was the best time of MY life" and hearing that was priceless.
Going into this internship at the V&A Museum, I was unsure about what internships were. Am I an employee? Do I get paid? What tasks come within my role? Just always remember to have fun and complete every task to your best ability. Ask questions, write down the answers, make connections and leave with a smile on your face. That's what I did. 
Special thanks goes out to Matthew Gansallo, Pat McCann, Gaston Garcia, Veronika Harris and the whole team at the V&A Museum.

Words By
Hus Guler

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Modern Minimalist Living: Interiors

The Mentioned Brands:

Trends, Fads and such are all catalysts that aid us in the re-appropriation of our style, however more often than not the concept of style can be limited to only sartorial efforts when in fact it can act as the premise to redefine all that is around us and the world we surround ourselves in.

It is no secret that I am an advocator for all things minimal, most especially if they have a particular inclination towards the colours black and white, so it only seems just that these preferences should reflect upon my interior choices.

The Scandinavian (And European) furniture design market has expanded drastically over the past few years, with many different companies both established and emerging combining elements of modernity and functionality – I think its pretty obvious how these concepts would appeal to the masses, most especially in our recovering economical climate; So yes believe it or not you are not just limited to the offerings of Ikea alone. 

Hailing from Poland with Architectural and Space +Design disciplinaries, the creative duo behind Chmara.Ronsinke conceptual Design is by far one of my favourite companies within the market. One of their most critically acclaimed projects that propelled them into the furniture design limelight was the piece – Mobile Kitchen. The functional means and convenience behind this concept can’t be stressed enough, gone are the days of picnic baskets and blankets, with this concept you can carry a makeshift kitchen to the park with you and dine amongst friends, This idea formed as the backdrop for the Cos pop up shop collaboration. The functions and aesthetical approaches were tweaked in order to meet the needs of the fashion Brand.

With a workshop based in British Columbia, Matthew Cleland is the founder of Score + Solder, a brand that works solely with Glass, incorporating this aspect to create both plant and lighting housing systems. Working in solitude like a true artist all of the pieces are handmade and are available to ship globally.

Studio.Vit is probably the smallest out of all the companies mentioned however this doesn’t detract from the innovative lighting designs that the company produce, working primarily with marble and glass to create a series of suspended lights, the lights give off an almost industrial and unfinished feel, which of course is pretty much a minimalist mantra.

In 2011, visual artists Flen Muller and Hannes Van Severen decided to intersect their Sculptural and photography backgrounds in order to work on a ‘Furniture Design’ project, the result of the distinctive pairing resulted in forward thinking pieces that offered more than one unconventional use.

Words By 
Sandra Falase

Monday, 16 September 2013

Why my life is so 'Devil Wears Prada' right now?

Oh and you are so clever if you can read mirrored text, because only x amount of out xx amount of people can do so, don't quote me.

The fashion industry is constantly changing, not just in the predominant aspects of trends, styles and innovation- but the actual individuals who are considered to have a place on the Fashion Hierarchy have also changed. We have all read the tales of some of Fashion’s most respected Creatives sharing their stories of when they moved to New York penniless in the 70s, 80s and 90s, starting out as assistants and interns before garnering their own well deserved respect from their peers and above in the industry, and sorry to quote Drake – but encapsulating the motto of ‘Started from the bottom now were here’.
 However the 2000s brought about an introduction to the uprising of ‘Blog Culture’, which has often been criticised as a quick way to get a foot in the industry without actually doing all the leg work, however for some reason I get the feeling that the likes of Susie Lau and Scott Schuman may have different perspectives on that statement. The main thing about blogs is that they have made Fashion in its entirety, more assessable to a mass of diverse people, some with an interest of pursuing it as a career and others who like to look at pretty clothes, if we were to put it in its simplest form- but in a sense this has sacrificed the exclusivity of the industry, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Times are changing, what is relevant and not is changing, our societal values are changing and as a result the industry has to change along with it.

 As opposed to just Fashion’s Elite being invited to shows, nowadays there is a whole array of Bloggers, Industry Professionals, ‘It- Personalities’, Celebrities and Socialites that make re-occurring appearances at fashion week every season. Here is where ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ moment comes in, unless you are a Big time Editor (cough cough, Anna Wintour) or respected Journalist (cough cough, Colin McDowell), there is usually and quite sadly sometimes an expiration date on your relevance, most especially in relation to modern pop culture, there will always be new Socialites brimming on the horizon, new ‘It Girls’ of the moment, Budding Models, Aspiring Acts and New age Bloggers (think Tumblr Fame), so with that in tow every season there will always be a revised list of important people to know.

Words By
Sandra Falase

Monday, 2 September 2013

Industry: An Introduction To 7 Fashion Internships

The endless Emails of 'Hey I'm awesome, hire me' sigh.

 No, this is not a column on relationships, life or lessons I, Hus Guler am here to inform you, (through all my experiences) what it is like to be an intern. I am a person who has interned in possibly every department in fashion from design to buying, art directing and PR. I have made mistakes along the way and have faced challenges. I asked questions I advise you to never ask and even gave up at times but all in all, I achieved something. 

For all of you who have no idea what an internship is or are unsure about what to expect, I hope that I will be able to help you out. Although not every internship, subject area or company is the same, you will always come across similar things. Because YOU are an intern. I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth and I will try my best to make it as enjoyable and informative as I can. 

Here are the following internships that I will share with you every Thursday:

- The First Internship
- The Friendly Internship
- The Random Internship
- The International Internship
- The BIG Internship
- The Family Internship
- The Final Internship

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have writing them. If you have any questions or queries give us a shout.

Words by 
Husniye Guler

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Artist Of The Moment: Kilo Kish

If you don’t know who Kilo Kish is, take a minute or two to find out, its ok I’ll have a coffee – web surf for a while then come back to this post. Are we on the same page now? In a nutshell Kilo Kish is both a singer- Song writer and Fashion/Textile Designer that also dabbles in a little bit of Modelling, Art and Acting just for kicks.

Having collaborated with various other acts such as Childish Gambino and the internet, Kilo’s solo music debut came in the form of the EP entitled Homeschool – which garnered recognition from the likes of sites such as Complex.

Earlier on this year Kilo released a mixtape called K+ that features the likes of artists such as Jesse Boykins III, Childish Gambino and SBTRKT amongst others.

Whilst her EP mainly consisted of chilled easy going beats, to compliment her softly spoken lyrics, K+ has more upbeat songs a d features Kilo singing a little bit more and showing off her vocal range.

Our songs of the moment from the mixtape are Scones and Better.

You can download the mixtape for free here.

Words By
 Sandra Falase